Fat, Salt, Sugar –the Trifecta of Addictions

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“I love food too much to eat healthy, I love my hot dogs, burgers, pizzas, soda pop, ice cream, pastries, and bread.” 

Nope sorry, unfortunately you do not love food, you are addicted to the feeling these food-like substances give you, which are filled with poor quality rancid fats, refined sugars, and refined salt.

The sugar and fat combination, is possibly one of the worst combinations of food for your body, gut, and mind. The body may love it, as it creates a surge of pleasure-releasing endorphins, increasing the pleasure in your mind and fills an emotional void, Yet in time, that pleasure moment releases other hormones and results in a crash, clogging up many biochemical reactions in your body and decreasing immunity.

pizzaDay after day, this cycle continues, and your health deteriorates and leads to the dreaded weight gain. Sugar is known to halt the functioning of the immune system by 30 minutes after ingestion, and with repeated exposure, that’s a long time without your immune defense system helping your body combat internal and environmental toxins.

Sugar is found in nearly every food item available on the grocery shelves, it’s disguised under so many names, it becomes increasingly harder to find sugar –free products, and no, not those artificial “sugar-free” products, which are much worse, but products that contain no sweeteners, just the actual food for what it really is

Of course, when you take the extra step and move away from the product-lined aisles of the grocery store, you can find just the ingredients and work up to creating the dishes yourself, which saves you from all a whole array of added refined sugar, various fillers, and chemicals.

Through my years of cleaning up my own diet and learning the in’s and out’s of the ingredients, I, as a nutritionist now love food.

I love knowing where it comes from, what role it has on the body and mind, how it brings people together, the effect the food has on the mind, and how it’s fueling and building your cells.

We are not a machines! A pill for this, a lab-made vitamin for that. Taking in various pills whether it’s for single vitamins or minerals for that desired nutrient you feel your food is deficient in, not only builds a distrusting relationship with food, but also affects the mind negatively. You may first want to look at why your food is lacking that nutrient and whether or not you are appropriately absorbing nutrients, how’s your stomach and intestines functioning, gassy and bloated? Key symptom right there. smoothie

Nutrients work systemically and synergistically. Taking a generic multivitamin, for example, which may be full of various fillers and who knows what else, and then consuming it without food or a poor quality food, is absurd but the norm, unfortunately. Those vitamins only work, being synthetic they probably don’t work but regardless, only work if you consumed macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) for them to work on, and if that’s of poor quality, well then there’s nothing there for it to work on.  Oh and guess what, those excess of vitamins may lead to cravings (as they are in excess and signalling for food, which further could be leading to weight gain).And again, really expensive pee and a vicious cycle!

Every nutrient works with another, which works with an enzyme or secretion, which then works on the food ingested to provide your body with the fuel and attention it requires to carry out all those biochemical reactions occurring involuntarily.

Eat Real Food.