Is “COMFORT” Your Disease?

In Nutritionist Notebook by Sharan Malhi

The Greatest Mistake: The Risks We Don’t Take | Michael Amey | TEDxWindhoek

Every legend’s story is the story of their risk. The risks we take today are for the legends we will become tomorrow.– Michael Amey, a Los Angeles native, moved to Windhoek, NamibiaIMG_9679

Look around you and look inside you. How many people do you think are settling? I will tell you: A HELL OF A LOT PEOPLE

People are settling everyday into Okay jobs, Okay relationships, and an Okay life. And do you know why? Because Okay is comfortable.

Okay pays the bills and gives a warm bed at night and allows one to go out with co-workers on a Friday night to enjoy happy hour. But do you know what Okay is not?

Okay isn’t thrilling, it isn’t passion, it isn’t the reason to you go to bed late and wake up early.

Okay is not the reason you risk absolutely everything you’ve got just for the smallest chance that something absolutely amazing could happen.

You know the moment. The burning in your lungs. the shakiness in your legs and that little voices telling you can’t do any more. You ARE stronger than your mind tells you. Push for those extra 3 steps, 10 more strides, 20 more seconds… That little voice doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called STRESS.

Working hard for something we love is called PASSION.