Willful Blindness: A Lesson for Humanity

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Freedom doesn’t exist if you don’t use it – Margaret Heffernan

While this video is not a topic on health and nutrition, Margaret Heffernan opens your mind to understanding “Willful Blindness” (information that you could know and should know, but you somehow manage to not know), which is significantly represented amongst the food industry, grocery manufacturers, and even the health professionals being guilty of this behavior.

The only morally sound decision is to speak up when something is wrong. When we relinquish our willful blindness, we are operating on the highest level of morality. Of course, the fear that comes with speaking up is natural, but as with all things, we must fight our fears to accomplish anything.

Fear is a weak emotion on which to operate; replace it with bravery and good things will (eventually) happen.

Margaret talks about the whistleblowers, who are advocating and informing the public and media about the real issues, but are usually seen as eccentrics and slightly irrational. However, they actually are highly committed, loyal, and passionately believe in the goals and ideals of their profession.

Holistic Nutrition is field where natural nutrition is seen as a bit eccentric and new, however it’s actually very old, as it promotes the live and natural, good quality foods we have relied on for thousands of years based on cultures and traditions found around the world. Practitioners take these strengths to provide nutritional density to the people of today. Unfortunately, willful blindness occurs as this practice is different from the conventional and archaic nutritional practices based on new-age research funded by biased companies, industrialized commercial farming monopolies, and billion-dollar corporations.

Sometimes it’s just easier to not acknowledge the difficult situations that we encounter in our lives. What we need to be able to do, however, is judge when it has gone too far, as in health and nutritional practices affecting the sustainability of the future of our children and the world we live in.

As mentioned in the talk, certain things just cannot be overlooked. We need to be able to make the call when we come across something that the public needs to know about, something that could keep people safe and healthy. Supporting and listening to the whistleblowers will help advocate for what is right and remove that overly negative view we have of “whistle blowers”.

This definitely is one of the more thought provoking TED videos, which makes you question: “Are you being willfully blind about your health and food choices?” or “Are you the whistleblower that everyone thinks is crazy?” Keep up the whistleblowing, because I sure will persist.