The “Food Pyramid” that makes SENSE!

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One of the most serious problems of modern civilization is malnutrition, whether that’s caused by poverty in developing countries, or the dietary abuse problems common in the rest of the world.

It takes courage to face the fact that through ignorance and/or lack of interest, we are slowly bringing ourselves to death by preventable diseases.

Yes, we are yielding longer lifespans, but at what cost? Being heavily medicated earlier and earlier in life, a life of limited mobility, emotionless and lacking in joy?

Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of major health disorders (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, etc.) in our society. We are literally killing ourselves with our unhealthy diets.


A powerful picture depicting the current state of our world’s nutritional status: Malnutrition

And yet we persist. Most of us know the dangers of poor nutrition, but we don’t act on it, often because we don’t really know how or are easily influenced and/ or distracted by peers, marketing gimmicks, and/or addictions. We don’t know who to trust, where to start, or how to fit good foods into our busy lives.

This is where a practitioner specialized in nutrition shines, they help educate you out of the confusion of “good” and “bad” foods. The concept of bio-individuality is addressed specifically, in that each person is uniquely different. Instead of receiving a generic one-size-fits-all meal plan, which is based on a mass-produced approach or a fad-celebrity diet, a customized plan is created for the individuals conditions, lifestyle habits, health conditions, and other needs to help support the body as a whole.

This approach to nutrition is based on whole foods, being Live, Good Quality, and Natural, instead of classifying them into individual nutrients such as calories, carbs, proteins, fats etc. Why? Because the synergistic relationships among these various components consumed in their whole forms deliver many more benefits than possible individualistically.

What’s missing from our kitchens?

A more realistic and health-promoting food pyramid designed simply ,yet brilliantly. This pyramid highlights the ingredients required for daily nutrient-density to help optimize health. Not only does it include an extensive variety of foods, but it also brings together the variety of foods found in their natural form exhibiting:

  • Live containing live enzymes such as those in fresh fruit, vegetables, and sprouts
  • Good Quality grown in soil rich in essential nutrients (organic: free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers)
  • Natural unprocessed, unrefined foods found in their natural state

Break free from the mould and take your health into your own hands.

The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds. – Albert Schweitzer