Move Your Body: It Will Love You Back

In Nutritionist Notebook by Sharan Malhi

Morning juice to celebrate another beautiful day.

Loving the flexibility and being able to exercise throughout the day.

To be honest, I get can get really anxious and depressed if I don’t exercise.

IMG_8342Exercise and healthy eating is essential to for my mental health, as well as my my psychical health. The serotonin rush from exercise keeps me stable and gives me the ability to be optimistic and brave. I’m realising how much I need it. The problem is that when you really don’t feel like exercising (stressed, lack of time, feeling down) that is precisely the time you need exercise the most.

Health is not just about how your body works and functions, but also how you feel and if you’re aligned – mind, body and spirit.

There is evidence that exercise may help to prevent atherosclerosis. A study at Penn State University, for example, compared rats fed either a high fat diet or a control diet. Each group exercised on a treadmill or stayed sedentary. After six months,microscopic examination of the aorta showed significant differences. Degeneration of the arterial lining was greatest in the sedentary rats, regardless of diet. The arterial lining was healthiest in the group that exercised — again, regardless of diet. (Nutrition Report, July/85)

Regular exercise is both protective of our cardiovascular system and supportive of immune processes. It tones muscles, enlarges the diameter of blood vessels, eases stress, stimulates internal organs, relieves depression, promotes sleep, helps to lower cholesterol, improves lymphatic flow, and helps one to think more clearly.

The best form of exercise is any that you can do to work up a sustained sweat for at least 30 minutes, repeated three times per week.

Ideally, one’s pulse rate during exercise should be between 120 and 140 beats per minute. Rapid walking, rebounding on a mini-trampoline, racquet sports, team sports, martial arts, cycling, aerobics — all are excellent examples of suitable activities. The best exercise for you is one that you enjoy for its own sake. Doing it will thus be a pleasure rather than a contest of will power.

I hear this all the time: “I eat clean and workout BUT I am not making progress.”

Is this you?

Eating clean and working out can mean VERY different things to different people. My definition of clean eating is eating unprocessed foods that once GREW in a balanced manner. No fat-free, sugar-free, or other fake ingredients that I can’t pronounce. My definition of working out is NOT reading on the elliptical for an hour, or walking on the treadmill while talking to a friend. A workout needs a level of INTENSITY, so that you are pushing yourself and working. It needs to be HARD for you. YOU HAVE TO SWEAT. It can be brief, but it has to reach the point where it challenges you if you want to change your body.

Always listen to your body first, don’t push beyond your limits, and nourish your body with quality ingredients at all times.

Love from a grateful woman, who is learning that you need to make time for the important things in life.  –Sharan Malhi, Registered Holistic Nutritionist