Nutritionist Approved* Consultation 
(includes follow-up)

nutritionOur resident Holistic Nutritionist conducts a One-on-One personalized consultation session to help you understand your health better. She explains thoughtfully and simply where imbalances may be present.

The goal of the Nutritionist Approved* plan is to achieve a balance between the body and mind. The consultations includes a comprehensive plan that’s placed over two in-depth sessions gathering information about you and your present health concerns, goals, and medical history. In this sessions, the Nutritionist customizes a plan to help work towards your goals. She begins by addressing the following in holistic nutritional advice:

  • Optimizing Digestive Health (digestive hygiene, bloating, gas, liver, bowel issues)
  • Mineral Deficiencies
  • Balancing hormones (PMS, thyroid, adrenal)
  • Skin Health, etc

This Consultation includes:

3 day Sample Meal Plan

Comprised of EASY nutrient-dense recipes and meals, requiring minimal cooking skills with minimal ingredients. Also included is a guide to help transition into eating healthier meals.

Lifestyle Assessment

Further understand your internal and external environment (toxin exposure, emotional and stress management, and a body activity assessment- BMI, composition, exercises, stretches, etc.)
Accompanied with various recommendations to help bring your body into optimal balance.

Includes integration and implementation of the Nutritionist Approved* Wellness Plan
Providing accountability and further guidance to help you achieve your goals.

As we dive in and work with you to change habits and transition into a healthy eating plan and lifestyle, the follow up visits include Nutritional and Lifestyle recommendations to address:

  • Cleansing and Detoxifying (liver, intestinal, skin, and lungs)
  • Relationship with Food
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalances (i.e. estrogen dominance, thyroid disorders)
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Skin Complications (i.e. acne and eczema)
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances and Sugar Cravings
  • Digestive Conditions (i.e. liver overload, IBS, candida)
  • Emotional Eating
  • Healthy Weight Loss (becomes the result of a healthy balanced lifestyle)

Follow ups consultations also address:

  • Preparing and cooking healthy food
  • Travelling healthily
  • Maintaining health while juggling school or work
  • Creating good habits for the whole family


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In return, you will receive:

    • Education on the needs of your body
    • Integration help to implement the plan into your lifestyle
    • Support to help you stay on track and embrace the changes
    • Guidance to help overcome challenges
    • Accountability, where your success is my success
    • Discover what good nutrition means for you
    • Build a positive relationship with your body
    • Learn how to use food as medicine
    • Find out how to reach and maintain your ideal weight
    • Develop the mind-body connection
    • Rely on me for support on your journey towards good health