Stomach? Are You There?

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Ever wonder why you can’t wake up in the mornings on some days, or hate Mondays, or even just feel sluggish after eating.

Who would have put it together, BUT it actually depends on the meals you ate the days prior. Those foods are going to fuel your body for the next day.

Digestion is remarkable and so overlooked, many medical practitioners assume that the stomach takes care of everything:

  • There is a very strong acid in there and it digests everything
  • Chew or not, doesn’t matter, the acid will do it for you
  • Food is nutritionally poor, no problem your stomach acid will take care of it.

Sure, the stomach contains Hydrochloric acid, creating an extremely acidic environment within the stomach, but did you ever sit back and think that maybe the HCL in your stomach is insufficient and not in that acidic environment.

With the increase in over-the-counter antacids and proton-pump inhibitors regularly prescribed, the stomach is no longer functioning. These medications shut down the stomach, creating an alkalized environment further complicating the problem, since that acidic environment is required for all digestion and absorptioncircadian-sleep-cycle of nutrients, manufacturing of enzymes and promoting organ secretions.

The symptoms behind acid buildup or heartburn, could actually be caused by putrefying food particles in the alkalized environment releasing acidic toxins, which is causing the  discomfort, not the HCL. The H+ ions (or protons) and Cl ions, come from your nourished blood, which becomes nourished by the food you consume. Once they have combined, they create a domino effect in enzymes and various biochemical reactions that come together to work the digestive system from the stomach down to the rectum, initiating peristalsis for effective absorption of nutrients and appropriate elimination of wastes.

Eating too late at night not only affects your sleep, but also the effectiveness of digestion. As digestion is occurring in middle of the night, in that your body is working for you to acquire the nutrients to help fuel up,
you should actually be resting according to your circadian sleep cycle, which keeps your hormones in balance as well.

To further complicate the problem, a weekend full of “cheat” meals and night outs involving excessive alcohol and poor quality greasy food-like substances, is calling for a sluggish digestive tract, and recovery further slows down. When the Sunday wasn’t enough, the Monday morning body is unfueled and unable to take on tasks as readily since metabolism and mental capability is taxed.

Week after week, the cycle continues and the symptoms worsens, your body weakens, immunity decreases, and lastly, hello sick day.

Eat Real Food. Eat Timely. Be Good to your Body.