Environmentally Aware: The Toxic Baby

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Child: Today, I had some octyphenols, some artificial musks, and some bisphenol A. Help me.

The placenta cannot evolve or adapt fast enough because of the rate that we’re generating new chemicals that it’s never seen before.

Something is very wrong with this picture.

The reality is 99% of these toxins are used in our food manufacturing plants PRIOR to them being tested. They are also used in COMBINATIONS, as in one followed by another and another, year after year, never being tested. Of these, over 50% to 80% of their ingredients are the additives and excipients that are not only never tested, they do not have to declare them at all, due to the Freedom of Information Act.

“You and I all have between 30 to 50,000 chemicals in our bodies that our grandparents didn’t have”

Thus the reality is that we have NO CLUE what we are doing to ourselves in the name of the “fast, easy, and cheap” method of eliminating bugs and weeds from our food and environment. Any more than we can explain why we have so many new and now deemed common childhood diseases, even as science is showing they are ALL due to toxin exposures, often accumulated before childbirth. Alarmingly, some of these poisons are actually being passed on to our grandchildren.

With 200 chemicals now showing up in North American babies at birth, seen in the umbilical cord and breast milk, should we not at least question what is going on?


  • Pay attention to the products you buy
  • Do not support industry that is part of this mess
  • Be a conscious consumer
  • Buy environmentally-friendly products
  • Buy locally
  • Buy organic, support organic
  • Recycle and compost
  • Educate and share this type of information
  • Talk to your local government and vote with your dollar
  • Teach your children of the importance of this
  • Walk/cycle or take public transit when possible
  • Petition industry for change
  • Educate local farmers
  • Be good to your body
  • Think