Where’s The Real Food? And Why Is It So Hard To Find?

In Nutritionist Notebook by Sharan Malhi

My mission as I started my career as a Holistic Nutritionist, was to help combat childhood obesity. This epidemic is getting out of control, and we all can keep pointing fingers, but it comes down to ourselves and education. Primary prevention of obesity must begin in childhood, this is the single most powerful public health approach to combating and reversing this epidemic over the long run.

Yes, we are losing the generation where home cooked meals with real ingredients were used, and gaining more packaged and processed ready-to-go meals.

Shockingly, we are also losing the ingredients through industrialization of our food, the biodiversity of crops, the herbicide and pesticide-free farms, overharvesting of rainforests, and commercializing of animal products.

After the World Wars, and the notion to “Feed the World” has created an abundance of food-like substances, excess calories, increased food waste, which has further escalating the problems with economics and politics, where genetically modified organisms are in our foods and we being kept in the dark.
Gosh, even trying to find real ingredients in the day in age, good luck! The knowledge through our ancestors is being lost. We have “no time” to cook, shop for groceries, learn the basics, and why? Priorities, discipline, and the lack of joy for the simple things, we have created a mess.

The science behind the body, including both physiological and biochemistry aspects, encompasses the body as a wonderfully precise and adaptable being. Anything that Nature produces, seems to be perfect, resilient, and nourishing. The body can withstand a phenomenal amount of abuse, and the body’s homeostasis processes regardless help maintain this internal equilibrium involuntarily.

So where does that leave my mission, I am determine to help be a part of the solution with my skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the last decade. In addition to the programs I offer, I would like to introduce the following in helping with childhood obesity, where many parents need to be educated on nutrition, I have met with a great instructor and nutritionist, Alicia Mazari-Andersen PhD, RHN, who runs workshops to help families transition into healthy families. Information available at http://www.inbalancelm.com/  including Creating Healthy and Happy Families ….with Ease”.

“…childhood obesity is one of the more significant and heartbreaking issues facing us today. Fortunately, through her insightful, sustainable, memorable, and comprehensive program, Brenda Wollenberg [In Balance’s founder] has provided us with an extremely useful resource for addressing this issue practically and permanently.” – Jonathan Bailor, Author “The Calorie Myth”

Their program helps those who want to improve their overall wellness by educating families on the following:

  • Picture1eat a healthy diet of a variety of real foods
  • participate in a range of physical activities
  • adopt healthful attitudes
  • understand their emotional links with food and other lifestyle choices, and
  • have a repertoire of tools to help with positive stress management

Grass Roots Movement is a great In Balance program to help Vancouver, BC based parents safely transition their children from excess weight to a healthy, balanced state.

They promote:

  • Education. We believe that understanding the many factors that contribute to obesity and lack of wellness enables participants to more effectively put a game plan in place to counteract those factors.
  • Hope. We believe that with support, virtually everyone has the potential to grow in health and wellness, improving self-esteem and well-being. We hold out this hope for all participants.
  • Courage. We believe that at times, in order to see change, participants will require a great deal of courage. Swimming upstream against embedded individual beliefs, social norms and culture will require energy and courage.
  • Empowerment. We believe that with the building blocks of education and hope, every participant has the power and ability to move towards increased health.